Placés dans l'air

Alessandro Bosetti, Michel Doneda, Bhob Rainey (soprano sax)

Pierre-Olivier Boulant (stereophonic subjective recording)

Potlatch P103

3D stereoscopic picture of the Entrepeaux (Toulouse - France) All photos by Muriel Valmont

Editing by PO Boulant, M Doneda and B Rainey - CD Layout by PO Boulant


email to Toshiya Tsunoda

I don't really keep myself informed about all the records that come out... Maybe I will from now on...

Michel a week ago was at Giuseppe's place to work with him. He came back a couple of days to Toulouse and when I took him to the airport on tuesday morning, he lent me your CD "Pieces Of Air" released by Lucky Kitchen saying he was really impressed by it. Little did he know of what he would find out a few hours later... He met back with Giuseppe in Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil, near Paris) for a concert. There Jacques Oger of Potlatch brough Michel some CDs. And that's when Giuseppe saw the cover of the CD. You can imagine the shock for him. Especially when Michel told him about the "Pieces Of Air" CD he had recieved and has really enjoyed. Even these two titles have a lot in common! A lot of coincidences!

Well this is probably a most unusual way to get to know someone, but, I felt I should write to you about this peculiar kinship between the two CDs.

Could it be that the most natural place for a line in a square is what we've used for our CD cover? It really makes me wonder...