Michel Doneda
Sopranino Saxophone, Radio (track 64), Postcard collage

Pierre-Olivier Boulant
Microphonography, Radio (tracks 1~63), Sleeve layout

Tracks 1~63
Recorded at Michel's home by the fire.
Concerto for Sopranino saxophone and radio. Little fragments with no particular order.
We encourage you to listen to the record in random order

Track 64
Recorded in four locations in the Montagne Noire just a few minutes from Michel house
and in studio for the radio parts.
Exploring sounds, just whistles from the fragile highs to the raucous.
How can the editing give any account of the process involved?
Take half an hour or so from each location. Listen...
First, "Michel's studio", what talked to us was kept.
Next without trying to remember what had just been heard
move on to the Forest with the wind in the branches, same here, just listen, keep another fragment
and so on for the other two, by the Stream and on a Path where we picked some firewood.
Back to the first place, cycles...
Somewhere along the radio interrupts ---

A recorded with almost unlimited listening potential:

given 64 tracks in random order:

34*33*32*31*30*29*28*27*26*25*24*23*22*21*20*19*18*17*16*15*14*13*11*12*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2 =
126886932185884164103433389335161480802865516174545192198801894375214704230400000000000000 possibilities

given 63 minutes of content:

126886932185884164103433389335161480802865516174545192198801894375214704230400000000000000*63/60/24/365.25 =
15 198 640 063 333 147 650 993 048 003 869 444 996 920 920 828 573 174 972 477 981 872 458 982 368 459 958 932 238 years

Age of the universe: 15 000 000 000 years